Friday, October 24, 2008


I think I have poor circulation. There isn't much else that can explain how my hands, feet, and bum, are so cold all the time. I am talking about fresh from the freezer cold. Sometimes D.R. can't even cuddle me at night because my posterior is so darn frigid it starts to freeze him. Now that's cold!

I have begun a new campaign to try to correct this imbalance of body temperature. Normally each day if both the girls are napping at the same time, I cuddle up with a huge blanket and try to watch Rachael Ray. It's just a little slice of "Me time" that I look forward to. However, it doesn't matter how much I bundle up, I sit there with cold extremities. I have noticed that it only hits me when I am still. If I keep moving the cold doesn't really set in.
So this week my new mid day routine involves doing about 20 minutes of yoga on the Wii Fit. Unfortunately I don't get to watch Rachael, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make if it works. In fact I am sitting here right now with 2 pair of socks on and wondering where I left my slippers. This is insane.
I know the Wii isn't exactly a killer workout by any means. I still do my regular aerobics classes and elliptical trainer. This is just something extra that I hope will get the blood flowing.
At the very least I am clearing my head, getting some great stretching and deep breathing, and improving my balance. It's got to be better than sitting on my cold butt doing nothing.

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