Friday, September 19, 2008

My Birthday...Part 2

Well, in true Angotti/Salerno tradition, the birthday celebrations keep going and going and going.

My wonderful husband took 2 days off work. That in itself is a heroic undertaking. We had a leisurely morning at home and then hopped a train to downtown Chicago. We made our way to Wrigley Field, where we saw a phenomenal Cubs game. I am not exactly a sports fan but I really enjoy going to professional baseball games. This, D.R. tells me, makes me a cool wife. I understand the basics of the sport, and I do pay attention, but I enjoy it for different reasons.
I love the excitement in the air, the fans, the kids, the perfectly manicured field, and of course the smell of cooking hot dogs and onion rings. It's the whole experience, not just the game.
Now that I have been to a Cubs game, and a taping of the Oprah Show, I think I am officially a "Chicagoan".
We left the game a little early to go out to dinner. We took the "L" train and went to a fantastic sushi restaurant. It was a hip "yuppie" place. We were probably the oldest people in there, but the food was great so we tried not to notice. We even had some Sake for the first time. Let me just say Wooh! Not an every day kind of drink.

After dinner, we headed over to our hotel. OK, I am sure most people have heard of the Drake. You can't really imagine its elegance, you have to experience it. It's a classic, historic hotel (ie. Hoity Toity) right in the heart of Michigan Avenue. We used Hilton points to get the room, and then were upgraded to an executive room because of D.R.'s Hilton status. We love traveling with the rich and famous, and not having to pay for it! It's also amusing to be walking around this place that charges $400 a night, in shorts and a T-shirt. Works for me.

Here is a really bad picture of the hotel. We obviously didn't bring the new camera.

I slept like a baby on Tylenol at this hotel. The bed was a dream come true. When I become rich and/or famous, I will buy one of those beds for sure. This morning we got up and worked out in the hotels state of the art gym. It was nice to be able to work out together again. We haven't done that in years.

So, this morning we checked out of luxury and decided to head back home. D.R.'s parents stayed at our house with the kids which was also an awesome gift. When we got outside and stood at the bus stop, I asked D.R. how far it was to the train station. He said it was about 2 1/2 miles. I said "Let's walk it". After making sure I was serious, he said "OK, but we have to go really fast in order to make our train. We made it with 15 minutes to spare! I know the Ronda he met 5 years ago would never have suggested walking 2 blocks, let alone 2 miles. It felt great.

We are back home now with our beautiful angels. It was a great trip, one I will remember for many years to come.
The only problem now is trying to figure out what to do for D.R.'s birthday next year. I will never top this!

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