Saturday, September 20, 2008

Princesses love tea parties

Tia asked for a "Fancy, dress-up, Princess tea party" for her birthday. She has been talking about it for months. Today was finally the big day! Her birthday is actually in October but Nonna and Papa are in town so we decided to have her party early. Thank goodness we did because they were both a HUGE help in getting this party off the ground and keeping things moving.

I made "fancy princess" sandwiches for the girls. Here is a sample of what they looked like. Oh the things you can do with a cookie cutter!

Then I dressed up our dining room table for this auspicious occasion.

Here is a close up of what each place setting looked like.

Notice we used real tea cups and each lovely lady who attended got her very own crown and earring set to take home.
They were a big hit with these 3 and 4 year olds.
Then it was time to get ready for our guests. Tia and Giuliana spent a long time in the mirror!

All the girls tried on various outfits, including hats and shoes. They had a blast. Here was the final product. I look forward to being able to pull these pictures out when they are in high school. I hope they are all still friends then.
Even Grandpa got in on the action. What a guy won't do for a pretty girl!

Next, we moved on to the formal tea party. The girls absolutely loved it! They couldn't believe they were using real cups and kept asking for more.
They never ate so well, simply because we told them they were eating princess sandwiches and grapes. Beautiful.

I did an awesome cupcake tree with bright pink cupcakes, but it seems no one took a picture of it! Sorry for that.

It was only an hour and a half party but we gained memories for a lifetime. I know Tia won't always want to be this girlie and enjoy tea parties or dressing up. That's why I did my best to make it special and memorable for her. I know we will look back on this day and laugh.

Here's one final picture of the birthday girl.

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Amy Jo said...

wow! That looks like such fun... I hope I get to do something like that for Kaylee in a couple years.