Sunday, September 14, 2008

The many hats I wear

I am not sure how I adopted this role, but I have become the fix it/figure it out person in our household. Over the winter when our furnace wouldn't kick on, I was the one who went down there, took the cover off the big scary machine, and got it going. I also made the call to a furnace repair guy when I could no longer get it to limp along.
Now, it seems our sump pump isn't working properly because we have water seeping into our basement.
I went to our neighborhood web site and got some advice. Someone suggested unscrewing the lid on the sump pump and taking a peek inside to see if it was full. D.R's response was "I'm not opening that thing up, call someone!". This friendly advice giver also warned that there could be toads in the pit, waiting to jump out. Lovely, just lovely!
Me being the handy (wo)man in our house, I got the screw driver and flashlight and headed down there. Yup, the pit was full but thankfully, no toads. Oh the relief.
Said advice giver suggested it could be a burned out switch, and told me what to do to bypass it. It's working. It's almost 11pm. I have to go back down there to check on things. This is NOT my favorite job, but it's one of them nonetheless.

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