Monday, September 8, 2008

It's really our family!

It's not uncommon for Tia to pretend that she or her sister are characters of a book. For example, in "Elmo's First Babysitter", she insists that we say "Tia" instead of "Emily" each time we come across the babysitters name. However, this is really uncanny.
Here is the cover of one of the books she loves to read. It's actually Gia's book from her Easter basket...I know, how horrible that I give my kids books while all the other kids get candy! Boo Hoo.

So, you might look at it and say "yeah, that baby could be Gia, sort of".
But get this.
The Dad has curly brown hair just like D.R.!
And the Mom has darker brown hair, just like me!

And the big sister has red hair with blue eyes just like Tia!And The Grandma has white hair and glasses just like my mom.
This is too funny.

And here is our whole happy family (except we don't have a cat and dog). The author of this book must have been stalking our family for subjects!
I can see why it's Tia's favorite.

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