Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall is in the air

I think it has taken me 36 years to realize that I don't much enjoy summer time. It's September and I am thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather and the crisp smell in the air. It's so cool in the mornings, I am drawn to the yard and get to putter around without sweating! I think we get outside more now than we do during the summer months. Going for walks after dinner is so humidity, fewer mosquitos, it's nearly perfect.
My kids aren't yet in school but I still browse, and sometimes buy school supplies. Yup, I am definitely a Fall kinda' person.
One of the many things I miss about 'home' is being in a more mature area with big colorful trees. Our area of Illinois is so new that checking out fall foliage would be a day trip! On our way back from Rochester last week I noticed the trees were just getting ready to turn and I found myself wishing we had come a week or two later so I could enjoy all the colors.
My poor kids. Remember the commercial for Staples where the mom is dancing through the aisles throwing school supplies in the cart and singing some sort of back to school song? That's going to be me, and the kids will probably be moping behind me, thinking I am absolutely nuts!
I love it!

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