Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bargain Hunter Bounty

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bargain hunter. Not just bargains, but I am a serious clearance shopper. I can smell a clearance sign a mile away.
I often go to Target a day or two after a holiday and stock up on things for the girls that have been marked down to $1-$2. Last year I paid $4 for their winter coats at the end of season! I guessed at what size they would need for the following winter, and happened to guess right. I figured, what the heck, for $4 if I am off about the size, at least I'm only out a few bucks.

After the 4th of July I went into Target and found blue and white bathing suits marked down to $3.98 because they were considered "holiday" stock. I was pretty darn proud of my find.
Then, today I was in Target again, for some groceries, and I came across my favorite sign...
"75% off". It draws me like a magnet! I found these suits for the girls.

Check out the price tags! $1.72, $2.24, $2.48...I was in clearance heaven!

I got two of this pink one (one for each of the girls). Tia has hers on right now and won't take it off!
I totaled up what I paid for all 6 suits (including the 2 blue ones from the first sale). Ready for this?
A whopping $16.98 for 6 bathing suits!
Now that's a bargain!

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Amy Jo said...

Good job! Those are so cute, and it's nice you might be able to get 2 girls to wear the same item.