Friday, September 5, 2008

A Gruffy Nose

We all got back from Rochester feeling a bit worn out. Tia seemed to be having a cold coming on. She said she had a "gruffy nose". I am sure she meant stuffy, but good for her for coming up with an explanation of how she was feeling.

At nap time yesterday, she told me to take her dress off her. When I inquired why, she told me she needed her pajamas. I asked why she needed pajamas for nap time and she said very matter of factly "Mom, I not feeling good!".

About 2 hours later, she woke up crying. I went in to get her and rocked her for a while. She then said to me "Put me back in my bed, I not done with my nap!".
This kid cracks me up! I don't know another 3 year old on the planet who wants to nap, and takes it so seriously.

Today she was feeling better so we headed out for our weekly trip to Wal Mart to get diapers. I got everyone dressed and in the car. About half way there Tia says "Mom, I need a hair bow. I look crazy". I just about roared! Mind you, I did comb her hair before we left, but didn't put it up in a clip or bow. I never thought she'd notice!

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