Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Phew, we did it

We are home from our road trip, safe and sound...and tired!
We had a nice visit with family and friends and once again I was reminded of how much I miss 'home'. That being said, I am glad to be back here in my own home, and getting the kids back on their normal schedule. I think they are both thankful that we didn't go anywhere in the car today, and stuck around the house.

Here are some highlights of our trip...

-We listened to all the experts and decided to break the trip up, so we got a hotel room in Ohio. We figured it would be good to get some sleep and do the second half of the trip in the morning. WRONG! Giuliana decided she would rather scream bloody murder ALL night, than sleep. So, none of us got any sleep and we did the second half of the trip exhausted (D.R.) and hyped up on caffeine (Me). Never again.

-The girls and I picked up my mom and took her to her favorite thrift store, then to lunch. She got to see the girls in action, and loved watching them eat their ice cream! I am sure the waitress talked about us when we left due to the mess under Gia's chair. I have learned to tip well because of this issue!

-Tia got to celebrate her birthday (a few weeks early) with family and friends. She had a blast and is still talking about it. She thought she was getting too many presents from Aunt Kim so she tried to pass them out to the people around her. True altruism!

-D.R. and I got to go on a date. We are so wild and crazy that we walked up to the new Wegmans (grocery store) and had sushi in their cafe. Yup, that's our idea of a date. Just the two of us having our favorite food, together. Ahh, the sweet sound of no kids screaming. That's the life!

-I got to go shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop! Holy cow I could spend all day in that place and still want more. I got Tia's Halloween costume for $6. She wants to be a princess so I got her a dress-up gown and she couldn't be happier. Oh how I wish they would open up a store near me. I would even volunteer to work there, I'd do anything! I think I'll start a letter writing campaign.

-Our ride home went much better than they way there. We stopped for an hour for dinner. I know we lost a lot of time that could have been spent on the road but it was worth it. The kids got to run around and play. They slept for 2 hours after that stop. No tears! Woooo Hoooo! That's the way we will do it from now on. No more listening to experts.

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Amy Jo said...

We have tried to slip up the trip too, but it hasn't worked out great for us either. I'm not crazy about hotels, and Brian doesn't like to spend the money. Our last trip took 14 hours, and we also took an hour dinner break. That's the way to go for now. Maybe when the kids are older we'll split it up and get a hotel with a pool...
Welcome home...there's no place like it, huh?