Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bathing Beauty in September

Well, Tia was so enamored by the new bathing suits, she tried on the pink one and wouldn't take it off. She took her nap in it. When she woke up we went outside to play, so I put a jacket on over the suit. She insisted she was too hot (65 degrees today) and took the jacket off. She then played with the hose and kiddie pool. I was cold and I was fully clothed!
I brought both girls inside for a quick bath, mostly to warm them up. Well, you guessed it, she still wouldn't take off that bathing suit! Here she is in all her pink glory, loving life.
I believe in choosing your battles and this is one that I didn't want to fight. She had fun and I am sure she got mostly clean.
Ah, to be 3 again.

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