Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween happened early here in the rural mid-west. Our Trick or Treating happened on Saturday evening.
I thought it was a fantastic idea to have it over the weekend. I figured the towns around here do that so the kids won't be so tired and sugar crazed for school on Thursday morning. Then I thought it might have something to do with farming and harvest.
Whatever the reason, it was great fun and we didn't have to worry about getting up early for school the next day.

I told the kids early on that they would have to dig through the dress-up bin for a costume. They have so many things that could be used as a costume, that I refused to go shopping for anything new.
They didn't mind one bit and were both able to find some pretty neat ideas in the bin...

We only went to about 8 houses but that was more than enough for the girls. They had a blast. Even the local  police officers drove around and handed out candy from their squad cars. In fact, Tia bit into a piece of candy from the officer and out came her tooth! Good times.

I'm pretty sure we love living in Wisconsin.
Happy Halloween!

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