Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Big 7

We celebrated my big girl's 7th birthday this past weekend. I was having a hard time with her turning 7. I don't know why, I just think this is the age where they start to change. I'd like her to stay my sweet little girl forever, but I know she's growing up and soon won't need me any more. It happens. I'm trying to prepare.

So here's a recap of all the celebrating we did, because you know we do birthdays in a big way over here. It's not a birthday, it's a birth-week!

The Grand folks flew in for the birthday extravaganza. Can you imagine it any other way?
I got them from the airport on Wednesday afternoon and we headed right to the school to surprise the girls.

Later we went out for a birthday dinner. Tia chose Japanese which made Daddy very happy and proud.

What's a birthday without cake?

Friday was Tia's actual  birthday. When she woke up she was greeted with lots of pink decorations and balloons all over the kitchen. I told her she could have any breakfast she wanted since it was her special day. Guess what she chose? Yogurt and pretzels. How exciting. She's a low maintenance girl.

We also let her open the presents from the family before school...

She got a new outfit from the Grand Folks, and chose to wear it to school for her special day...

Looking so grown up!
Having to go to school on your birthday used to be such a bummer back in my day. Not anymore! The teachers and principal made such a big to-do about it being her birthday, she felt like Queen for a Day. The principal announced her name on the loud speaker in the morning, came to her class to wish her a happy birthday, and presented her with a sticker to wear that said "It's my Birthday". Her teacher put a balloon on her chair and made her a crown. So cool.
I had to deliver the class treat so decided to go a little early and have lunch with Tia. I didn't tell her we were coming because she gets very anxious, so it was yet another surprise.

The two Teresina's

For what I think must be the third year in a row, Tia chose a Princess birthday party. We were tempted to try to sway her decision, but then I figured this is likely the last year she'll be into the princess thing, because she'll be too cool for that, so we went with it!
We had to have the party on Friday night because Daddy was flying out Saturday morning for work. Tia refused to have a party without her Dad, so we broke from the norm and had an after dinner tea party.

Pure Joy
The fancy table

8 Darling Princesses

It was a late night of dressing up and eating sugar, but everyone had a great time and Tia was happy.

On Saturday the hubby had to fly out so the kids, Grand Folks, and myself spent the day doing what Tia wanted to do. Her birthday, her choice.
Lunch at Panera, WITH dessert (we never let them get dessert), then off to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania. Both good choices.

So it was another successful birthday. Another year of a happy girl loving life.
May we be blessed with 100 more!

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