Friday, May 25, 2012

Around The House

There's a saying that goes something like "When you're a home owner, there's always a project". I'm here to say "Ain't that the truth!". It never ends.

I kept saying I just wanted ONE room in our new house to be truly complete. That's it, just one. Well, I think it's official, both the kids rooms are just as they want them, which in my mind means they are complete.
Of course the rooms have been liveable for some time, but we needed to do some finishing touches.
This was the last of it...

A garden under the windows

Beautifully tall flowers next to the bed
We ordered these wall decals well before we even put in an offer on this house. We just knew the girls would love them, and would add an extra little something to their rooms. We were right. Tia said "I think I love my room more every day".

I've taken on quite a few projects myself, which I'm pretty sure qualifies me as insane considering that the basement still is not unpacked!

We were given this very '80's looking piece of furniture when we were first married. We used it in our first house, and then it sat in the basement in the last house, collecting dust.

Well, since we have a finished basement here, we needed a TV stand. I don't like buying new if we already have something that can be used. So, here's what I did...

I stripped the heck out of that thing. It has so much polyeurethane that it took forever, and lots of chemical to get it all off. I sanded and sanded until I was covered in dust. It was a big mess. I even had to email my friend AmyJo for advice (she's the resident expert on such things).
Then I bought new hardware, and there you have it!
I think it turned out pretty well for a basement TV stand, don't ya' think?

The girls and I also planted a vegetable garden and are already seeing some sprouts. I was sure they'd be super excited about the whole process, and sadly I was wrong. They're not really into it. Tia got excited when she saw her lettuce sprouting, but she's over it. I'm hoping once we actually have a harvest to show for our (and by our, I mean MY) labor, they'll get into it.
I'm just happy that we'll have fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, squash and peppers, and I won't have to pay these ridiculous grocery store prices for a couple months!

We've been checking out the gardens around the property, seeing what's coming up. I've enjoyed all the colors that are sprouting up all over the place. I almost don't even mind the gigantic weeds that go along with the gigantic yard. Almost.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from around the yard.

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