Monday, February 20, 2012

TWO Superstars

Last week both girls came home with a note from their teachers stating they had been chosen to be the class Star of the Week. I can't even describe the excitement level in our house that day!

Gia's school does a one day 'make the kid feel super special' thing. The star student has to bring in a poster about themselves, and an item for show and tell. Oh, and lest I forget, they get to be the line leader for the day. Now that's pretty darn important when you're 4!

Here she is with her poster...

She chose which pictures to use and what to write, and even wrote most of the words herself. Did I mention she's only 4?!

Tia's school makes the entire week a big deal.
On Monday she got to bring in a sharing bag full of things from home to tell the class about.
Tuesday she had to bring in her favorite book from home and the teacher read it to the class during circle time.
Wednesday the teacher read a letter from Mom to the class. I hand wrote the letter so I don't have a copy of it but will ask the teacher to send it back home so we can save it!
Thursday I got to go have lunch with her at school. She was so proud. When she was shoving her lunch in her face, I told her she could slow down and that she had plenty of time. Her response was "I have to leave time for kissing!". She's a kisser, my little 6 year old, and she doesn't care who's watching!

Here she is on day one of her week of being a star...

I'm the proud Mama of not one, but TWO superstars at school.
Great childhood memories in the making.

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Anonymous said...

Wow....very happy and proud of Tia and Gia!!!!! Very cool!!!!!

Love the new look of your blog!