Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How Lucky I am!

I know I have a wonderful life, and consider myself a lucky lady. I am married to a great husband and we have 2 amazing kids. Nothing new there.

However, on Christmas day I was struck by just how lucky I am that my kids are who they are. You see, we've made it a point NOT to spoil our kids with material things over the years. Believe me, they're  not deprived at all, or lacking in the toy department, but we try our best to keep it to a minimum. We set limits.

So when it came time to start talking about Christmas wish lists, here's what both girls came up with (for some reason they both wanted the same things).

  1. A sleeping Beauty baby doll
  2. A sleeping bag 
  3. Ear muffs.

That's it. Not a list as long as my arm full of toy after toy. In fact, that list only consists of ONE toy. They're 4 and 6, how can that be?!
Well, I must admit we got them all 3 things on their list, as well as some books, clothes, pajamas and slippers.
When we were done opening presents, my 4 year old said

"Santa was really listening. We got just what we wanted!"

And do you know what my 6 year old said to me today?

"Mom, we got SO MANY presents this year!".

This child got ONE toy and thinks she hit the jack pot. That makes me proud as a mom.

Look how happy Tia is when she realizes what's in the box
Nothing like a sleeping bag for movie time!
The much anticipated ear muffs

I view this as proof that you can have happy, well adjusted kids without showering them with thousands of dollars worth of gifts and gadgets.

Spoil your kids with hugs and kisses, and give them the gift of a college fund!

Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

What a cute post...loved it!

Anonymous said...

I love Tia with the ear muffs...SO adorable!!!!