Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cool Treats

We attended a Family Health Fair yesterday at the local health club.  It was very well organized and loads of fun for the kids.  I'm glad we went.  Sadly, I didn't take a single picture there!

I visited the nutrition tent and got a list of suggested healthy snacks for kids.  There are some pretty good ideas on the list and we plan on trying several of them.  It's been so hot out lately that we decided to try the frozen yogurt-banana sandwiches.  I guess the idea is to get the kids to eat more fruit, which isn't a problem at all in our house, but it was fun anyway.
Here's what we did...

Slice the banana
place a scoop of frozen yogurt on graham cracker
Assemble like an ice cream sandwich
And enjoy!
It was fun for the kids to make it themselves.  However, the bananas were sliced too thick which made the sandwich too big to bite.  Also, it was way too hot outside and the frozen yogurt melted very quickly, which made a big mess.  They both needed to be hosed down and had a bath after all was said and done.

Oh well, I guess the point was they got their sugar dairy, a complex carb and a fruit.  It was a good summer time snack!

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