Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Wrap Up

We had our traditional Easter Brunch again this year. Although, this year was a bit different because the folks weren't here.  We decided to invite 2 other families who are also not from here, and have no family in the area.  I remember when my Mom used to do that.  She'd invite anyone who had no place to go, or no family.  We'd get a different bunch every year and it was great fun.
I decided we need to continue with that tradition, and we had a wonderful time.

Of course the kids started out the day with their Easter baskets...

I found it!
After our very yummy brunch, it was nice enough to go outside for an egg hunt.  The kids loved it.

Then it was on to dessert, and lots of running around, playing in the long awaited sun.  Oh, how we've waited for the sun!

What a beautiful and fun day we all had.
We hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Anonymous said...

We had so much fun! Thank you for having us.

Touched to hear the story about your mom & how splendid it is that you continue the wonderful tradition.

My hubby wants to add "It's not egg hunting, it is just egg-picking"

Ronda said...

He's right since the eggs weren't very well hidden were they?! So glad everyone had a good time.