Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Christmas at Our House

Since we head back 'home' for the holidays, we have our Christmas a few days early.  The kids are young enough that they don't know what the date on the calendar is, and they figure they're just lucky because Santa comes twice.  This year it was a huge surprise for them because we didn't let on at all.  We didn't do any Christmas Eve celebrating or put cookies out for Santa.  They just woke up to a big surprise when they saw gifts under the tree.  Their expressions were priceless, and we got it on video.
The girls opened up books, movies, pajamas, sweaters, etc.  Then, when they thought it was all over, we told them they had one more gift.  D.R. made them close their eyes and brought them in the other room, where this was waiting...

Santa must have done a good  job at picking out the right gift because they have played with this non stop for 2 days.  Most importantly, they've watched a lot LESS TV!
So we'll head out to NY on Thursday for Christmas with the family.  We're all super excited to see everyone.
From our family to yours, have a very safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas 2010

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