Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Birthday

I woke up yesterday morning and something really strange had happened. Without much warning, I some how turned 39! I'm not sure how this happened. I certainly don't feel 39 (most days anyway). I think I'm still in shock. Or is it denial.
At any rate, my family didn't let me forget this historical moment. In the morning the girls gave me the gifts they picked out from the Dollar Store. They were SO excited. It was just adorable. They had actually slipped and told me about the secret gifts numerous times before my birthday, but I acted surprised anyway!
My dear husband gave me a camera. Phew, I can take pictures again! I had been feeling like I lost a limb, and now it's been put back on. I told him I wanted a small camera that I could just toss in my purse and take along to museums, parks, etc. That's just what he got me. He's a good husband!
Later in the day D.R.'s folks arrived in town. They usually come for a visit around this time of year, and this time it happened to fall right on my birthday. What a nice gift. We REALLY enjoy our visits from Nonna and PaPa. They got here just in time to join us on Tia's school field trip to a local farm. It definitely wasn't my favorite field trip, but Tia enjoyed it.

Here's the big girl getting her pumpkin. She was so proud.

After the field trip we all went out for a nice birthday dinner. I picked a family friendly place not far from home and we were not disappointed. It was very nice and they treated the birthday girl well!

Here's Gia eating my birthday cake (I'm off the sugar ya' know!)

When we got back home I was once again showered with gifts. This time from Nonna and PaPa.

Here I am showing Tia the gorgeous necklace they picked out for me. It's just beautiful.

Today D.R. and I were supposed to be going to Arlington Park for the races. Neither of us have ever been so we thought it would be a fun thing to do before the end of the season. Well, it rained all morning so plans were changed. We still got to have a date, we went to the movies. That's something we rarely get to do and it was nice to have a couple hours together, just the two of us.
Now, I think we are done celebrating my birthday. Some years it goes on for days and days! But, we must move on because tomorrow we're having Tia's birthday party. It's a few weeks early but we wanted to have it while the grandparents were in town. More reason to celebrate!
So, tomorrow she can get all the attention, and be treated like a princess all day. More pictures to come!

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Anonymous said...

Happy B'day once again my friend! I am so glad I got to see you on that day!