Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Lone Rider

We've been playing outside this week since we've had some great Spring like weather. The girls both got bikes and scooters for Christmas so we were all excited to bring them out and take a spin. However, Gia has been refusing to wear her helmet saying that it hurts her head. The rule at our house is: No helmet, no riding! I will not make an exception to this rule. It's too important. So, she's been doing a lot of watching, while her sister has been doing a lot of riding!

I took Gia to the store to pick out a brand new helmet, one that wouldn't hurt her head. She found one she liked a lot and even tried it on. If you know how stubborn this girl is, you know that's a huge feat in and of itself! We got home and she was so excited to show her new helmet to Daddy. He decided to have her try it on. Well, while buckling the strap, he pinched her skin! That's it for the helmet. We're back to square one.

So, here's a video of Tia riding her new bike yesterday. We went up and down the street about 5 times. Gia walked the whole way. Remember, no helmet, no riding!
Do you think this will go on all Summer or will she eventually give in?

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