Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday D.R.!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. It's a milestone, he's 35!
I didn't have time to write about it yesterday because we were too busy celebrating. You see, in D.R.'s family, and now in ours, birthdays are reason for days and DAYS of celebrating.
We started on Friday night by having a drink and movie after the kids went to bed. Then on Saturday D.R.'s folks flew in and we all went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. The kids REALLY enjoyed the dessert.

On Sunday, the actual birthday, we gave D.R. his presents and went to church. Then the guys went out to lunch and a movie (male bonding!).
We all met back at the house for a fancy dinner. Since he doesn't eat cake, he had rainbow sherbet with a candle. I think he's the only person I know who doesn't like birthday cake!

Now, you may be thinking that we're done with the birthday celebrations. Nope, not even close! Tomorrow night D.R. and his step dad will be going to a Chicago Bulls game together. Then, on Friday he and I will be going to dinner and a movie, just the two of us! I told you, in this family birthdays go on and on!

So, Happy Birthday to my wonderful, loving and caring husband. He's the best and most devoted husband and father that anyone could ever ask for. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. May we be celebrating for many years to come!


pass said...
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Ronda said...
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B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Ronda: It's in chinese..... It's spam! Advertising CRAP! I saw from your profile that you are a sign language interpreter..... I know sign language too! Because my mum is deaf and mute... i know it since young... Thanks for popping by

Ronda said...

Thanks for the heads up! I've had a few of these type of comments and could never figure them out.
Stop back often. I really enjoy your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!!!

Happy Belated to D.R.