Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Rare Winter Sighting...

The sun! It was shining brightly today. We don't often see it here in the Windy City during the winter months.
I hear all these reports about how kids today don't get enough Vitamin-D due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Then they say if we live north of Georgia, the sun isn't strong enough to really make a difference anyway.

So, my thought is, why not just stay inside where it's warm, and take a vitamin!
Well, for the sake of the kids, I braved the outdoors. I'm not exactly a big fan of winter, and would prefer to stay inside, in my flannel pajamas!
They had a blast playing with their sand toys, shoveling the snow INTO the driveway.

When exactly do we begin to despise winter and snow? I can remember playing outside in the frigid temperatures with all the neighborhood kids. I wouldn't come in until my jeans were frozen and hands were numb. We built forts and tunnels and snowmen, and loved every minute of it. I wonder when and why we lose that. All I do know is that it's gone from me forever. I was actually happy when Gia's boot came off and her foot got wet..."whoops, we have to go in and change her socks before she gets too cold!".

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Love the pics!!!!!