Thursday, November 5, 2009

The inevitable has happened

Months ago, my friend Nilu told me about a website that her son, who is about the same age as Tia, really enjoyed and was using often. It's geared toward teaching preschoolers to read.
I hesitated to introduce Tia to the computer for two reasons. First, she is not exactly a very patient kid. I didn't want to deal with her fits of frustration if she couldn't figure out how to work the mouse. The other reason being, I figured once I let her use the computer, I'd never get to use it myself!
Well, I finally relented, and showed Tia the site. My predictions were sort of right. She did need me to be there with her, helping her with every move. She couldn't get the hang of clicking the mouse, and got very frustrated. After she got a little more comfortable, I told her I had a couple things to do and that she could continue playing for a few minutes. Sure enough, when I came back she was playing the game all by herself, using the mouse perfectly! I can't believe how quickly she caught on.
Today, she asked to play it again. I was able to prepare our entire dinner while she played independently. Even though I know she'll be on the computer more and more as she learns to use it, I have learned to accept this as a good thing. Most of Tia's peers are familiar with computers by now. And I know they use computers in Kindergarten, so Tia was sort of behind in that respect. I held off as long as possible, wanting her to remain little and untouched by all the technology we encounter every day.
The time has come to let her have a taste of technology, and learn to read in the process. My little girl is growing up!

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Anonymous said...

Believe me Ronda, Noah was obsessed with the computer only for a little while, now he uses it moderately & intelligently. Tia will do the same, you'll see!