Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Fall is a busy time around here. We've done so much the past few days, I haven't even had the time to blog about it. First, I taught the girls how to make applesauce. I used to make it all the time when we lived in NY, and for some reason hadn't been since we moved here. I thought it was time to show the girls how it's done.
They had a blast helping, and watching the apples cook.

However, later in the day Tia asked "Can I have some applesauce, the kind from the pantry?".
I guess I shouldn't be too heart broken since it's my fault for not introducing her to the good home made kind earlier. Live and learn.

Then we took the girls to a Halloween Party hosted by the local library. There were tons of activities and crafts for the kids, and it gave them another opportunity to wear costumes.

Although Gia decided she didn't want a costume, and settled for a pumpkin shirt. Hey, that makes things easier for me, so I didn't push the issue.

Tia got another opportunity to dress up at her school party. Since it's a Christian school, they don't call it a Halloween party, and the kids could only dress as an animal. That was just fine for Tia because all she wanted to be was a butterfly. They were all so cute!

Today both girls had dance class and dressed up again. With the amount of candy they received from school, dance class, and the library party, we didn't even really need to go out Trick or Treating! But of course, we braved the cold and wind and headed out. It was so cold that even Gia, who refuses to wear winter gear, asked to borrow my scarf! They had a great time, and I was so proud of them for not being shy and using their manners.

They were worn out and started asking about going to bed an hour before their normal time. Now after all the excitement, we're left with the task of trying to explain why they can't eat all that candy, and real food is sort of a requirement in our family!

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Anonymous said...

I was waiting for you to put up pics of the kids dressed for Halloween! And I wasn't disappointed. Gosh, the kids look amazing! If you have more pics of them with the costumes, you should put them here.