Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Day of Dance

This year both girls are enrolled in dance class, and today was their first day. That must mean it's Fall, but honestly, it was almost 80 degrees again today!

I couldn't resist taking lots and lots of pictures in their little ballerina outfits.

Tia's 4 year old class goes first, and then about an hour later, Gia gets to go. Tia's an old pro, having already taken dance last year. The only problem is that she wants to "help" when it's Gia's turn, especially when she thinks Gia isn't paying attention to her teacher! Next week one of us will go home with Tia after her class is over so that Gia can enjoy herself. Lesson learned.

I told Gia today that when I was little I didn't get to go to dance class, and that she's a very lucky little girl. She asked why I didn't have a purple tutu. Too funny. I'll have to be one of those moms who say "Don't you know how good you have it? I never got that when I was your age"! Didn't we all love those stories from our own parents!?

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics!!!! Can't wait for Zara to go to these classes!!!