Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving on, Growing up

This must be the week for toddler beds! I have 2 other friends who moved their kids out of the crib and into the "big kid" bed. Here's how our story goes...

On Monday morning I heard a blood curdling scream coming from Gia's room. I ran to investigate and found that her door was locked. I was able to get in with one of those little metal poker things. She was sobbing and shaking. Apparently she had gotten out of her crib and locked the door, then she freaked out when she realized she was trapped. When it came to nap time, she refused to lay in her crib, and started climbing out right in front of me.
I figured it was time to transition her to the toddler bed. I let her nap on the living room floor on Monday and Tuesday, then I made the switch on Tuesday afternoon. I can't believe I actually saved all the hardware and instructions for her crib. Impressive!
I was trying to prolong that move as long as possible. Gia is the kind of kid who doesn't stay put. I just knew once she wasn't confined to a crib, she would be all over the place! My prediction was right on that first night. She kicked and screamed the whole way upstairs. First D.R. tried to put her down, even staying in her room with her for a while. Then I took over, singing and rocking for a half hour. Nothing seemed to work. So, I decided to try tough love and let her cry it out. I closed the door and listened to her cry for 45 minutes! She finally gave in, or passed out, and slept about 8 hours. Her norm is 11, but not bad for a first night.
I was fully expecting a repeat performance last night. I was totally shocked when I brought her up to bed and she actually let me lay her down and cover her up. I think she was totally exhausted and had given up the fight, because she slept about 10 hours before we heard from her this morning. Ahhhh. Maybe she is growing up and this won't be so bad after all. Fingers crossed!

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Amy Jo said...

Hope last night went well! We put Kaylee in a toddler bed with guard rails on both sides. (she fell out the first night.opps!) She hasn't figured out how to navigate around the bed rails yet so she actually stays in bed and waits for us to get her. It's that amazing? I'm sure that won't last long. Joshua's been showing her how to climb over them.... She woke up early, crying and saying she was scared of a dragon. HUH? Maybe from Shrek....