Monday, August 31, 2009

Isn't it Ironic...

When Tia was a new born baby, my best friend gave me bags and bags of girl clothes. They had belonged to her daughter (my God Daughter), who is now 12 years old. I remember telling one of my new friends here in Huntley that almost all of Tia's clothes are 8 years old. She said something like "Well, aren't you concerned that they won't be in fashion by the time she wears them?". I laughed inside and asked myself what planet this woman was from. All of the clothes are in excellent condition (she wouldn't have given them to me if they weren't), and I'm not one to get caught up in fashion trends.

Well, the other day I went "basement shopping" again, picking out size 4 fall clothes. I found this shirt that ironically has '09 on it.

Keep in mind that it was probably purchased when the year was 2001! How's that for keeping up with fashion? Some things are built to last.

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Carrianne Photography said...

so cute!! Rhonda - thanks so much for always checking out my blog and leaving such nice comments!! carrianne