Friday, August 21, 2009

Going Bananas!

I was shopping at Caputo the other day. It's my favorite place to go for fruits and vegetables. On my way through the check-out, a clerk asked me if I'd like to take home a free case of bananas. I'm not one to turn down free stuff, so I said "SURE!". I asked why they were giving them away, and the kid just said "customer appreciation". I got home and looked at the bananas and understood why the store was giving them away. They were all perfectly ripe already. There's no way they could sell them all before they went bad. I was suddenly stuck with the same issue. Do you know how many bananas come in a case? I can tell you...LOTS. I can't believe I accepted an entire case of ripe bananas. My first thought was "what the heck am I going to do with them before they start attracting fruit flies?".
I was able to fit 4 bags in my freezer, and give 4 bags away to neighbors. This didn't even make a dent in my loot! Today I looked up a recipe for easy banana bread, and quick banana muffins.
The kids were more than happy to help me bake. It was a fun project, and used up a whole 10 bananas. Yikes!
I could have made more but I ran out of vanilla, and I was sick of the smell of smashed bananas.

You see those bananas behind Tia in the fruit bowl? Those are the ones I bought at Caputo BEFORE they offered me the free case! I felt duped.

Here's our finished products of the day. I'm going to try to give some more bananas away to neighbors today (I'm sure they all think I'm a little flaky!). Tomorrow I just might try to make something else. How do I get myself into these things?


Anonymous said...

They look yummy! I might come down in the evening to your place just to grab some...sooooooo tempting!

Ronda said...

I hope you liked it! I sure did. Thanks for stopping by.