Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Fun and trying to Keep Cool

We've had quite a hot spell in the mid west this past week. It's been an adventure to try to find things for the kids to do without getting over heated and keep busy. We went to the Aquarium on Saturday. The kids love it there. We're members so it's easy to get in early and get out before the crowds start piling in.
I took this picture of the girls with Daddy just before we left the house since we didn't get one on Father's Day. They're dressed in cool clothes, and cold drinks ready to go!

Sunday was not as hot and we had a breeze which was wonderful! The kids played and played outside for a long time. I think they enjoyed it so much because we haven't been out a lot lately.

Here they are hiding from the sun, under the slide. They were picking blades of grass to stick between their toes. Oh the joys of childhood! Tia had to have a sweater on because of the breeze. She can be a bit particular about her skin.

After their naps, we promised them we would go out for ice cream. D.R. and I decided that it would be better to go buy the fixings for sundaes and make them at home. The girls thought this was great! I think they liked the cute mugs and whipped cream on top better than the actual ice cream. I'm pretty sure that for one day they thought we were really cool parents!

What a nice way to finish off the weekend, and beat the heat.

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