Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A quick trip

I just got back from a VERY quick trip home to see my Mom. It was her birthday yesterday, she turned 69. We had such a nice time. My sister went all out and planned a huge birthday/cinco de Mayo bash. She did a great job, as always. Our Mom was very happy to see our family and friends. A big THANK YOU to my wonderful sister for making it all happen.

I also got to meet my first great-nephew, Angelo. He is a little over one week old and oh so cute!

Here's my Mom with little Angelo Joseph

I didn't bring my girls with me on this trip. They stayed home with Daddy which made it so much easier on me (not so easy for him!). I got a chance to be there with my Mom, and no distractions. It was great.

I have to say a special THANK YOU to my dear friend Sheila who stayed up way past her bed time to make sure I had a ride to my in-laws house last night.
Another HUGE THANK YOU to my in-laws who got up way too early to make sure I got off OK this morning. And especially my father-in-law who drove me to the Buffalo airport at 4:15am!
And of course THANK YOU to my sweet hubby who encouraged me to buy the ticket and "Just do it!", and who re-arranged his entire schedule so he could be home with the kids. Everything worked out just great.

Besides seeing my family and friends, which was fantastic, I got to do two other things that I really miss about Rochester. I watched Channel 10 news and went shopping at Wegmans! I know these things might sound simple but when you're away from home and miss everything, it's the little things that count.
On the news I saw my favorite weather man give his forecast. OK, so I admit I have a 'thing' for him but my husband is aware of my little crush so it's OK.
It has to be the dimples, I mean look at his sweet face. Who wouldn't like to look at that! I'm sure I don't even remember the 3 day weather outlook. I was too mesmerized by the blue eyes.

After I got my Rich Caniglia fix, it was on to Wegmans. We needed a couple things for the party and I was all too happy to be the one to shop! For my mid-western friends who don't know about Wegman's, it's technically a grocery store. Really, it's more than that. It's an amazing place where you can buy everything in one place, and can even sit down to have dinner while you're at it. People who move away from NY state tend to appreciate Wegman's even more after they leave. There's nothing like it, or even close, in other parts of the country. Oh, how I miss this place!

It was a wonderful trip all around. The kids were totally off schedule when I got back, but that's OK. We'll focus on getting back to normal tomorrow. It was all worth it.


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