Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day to Me!

We went shopping today for my Mother's Day present. I asked for a bike since mine is about 15 years old and needed a new inner tube. We picked out a nice shiny purple one (not pictured). The funny thing is that the girls both insisted all the way to the store that Mom needed a purple bike. They got their wish.
I got this bike trailer for D.R. a couple years ago for Father's Day. We never got to use it because Tia was afraid to get in it. Gia was a bit afraid of it too but as soon as she saw her sister having fun, there was no stopping her. We took a couple trips around the neighborhood, then D.R. took them a couple times. I have a feeling we'll be going for a lot of bike rides now!
I wanted a way to get in more exercise, and I think I found it. The fact that it's fun for the kids too is an added bonus. I'm a happy Mom!


Heather said...

do the girls have bikes of their own?

Amy Jo said...

What a great way to excersize!! Pulling all that extra weight is going to be an added bonus!