Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They still make me laugh every day

The other day Gia saw Elmo on TV and started yelling "Elmo, Elmo!". I asked her "Do you love Elmo?". She said "yeah". I asked "Is Elmo your favorite?" since 'favorite' seems to be her latest word. Her response was "NO, Daddy my favorite!". I love it, and it made his day when I relayed the story to him.

When I read books to the kids, I really try to get into the story and make it fun. My Mom says I always did read with a lot of expression, I guess I still do. So, last night when I went grocery shopping, D.R. was reading stories to Tia. She stopped him abruptly and said "NO, read it like Mommy does!". He explained that he didn't know how Mommy reads the story to her and she said "You know, tell me about the pies and say 'this one is apple, this one is raspberry', like Mommy". He was thinking, "oh boy, what have I gotten myself into, I can't compete". He tried his best but she still told him he was doing it wrong. I guess I'll have to teach him the 'right' way to read a book!

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