Friday, March 27, 2009

A day at the museum

We were invited to go to the Discovery Museum in Rockford with a friend of ours who was turning 4. We were really excited to go. So excited that the girls both woke up at 5:30 this morning! I'll talk more about that later

Remember these peg boards from Kindergarten? I do, and I don't know exactly why they're so much fun, but the girls could have played with them for hours. I wonder if I got some for home if they would be as fascinating. Probably not, and I would be stepping on pegs all day.

Then it was on to making pizza at "Papa John's". This was lots of fun too.

Please deliver that pizza to Huntley!

And then came the break down. Tia got so over stimulated, and was already tired before we got started, that she just started flipping out over everything. The play house has a little chair, which became our "Naughty Chair". Yup, they even have those at the museum!

I decided it was best to just go to the cafeteria to settle down, have some food, re-hydrate, and hopefully get into a better mood. Our little birthday boy Kyle joined us there for snacks, and Gia gave him his present.

Overall we had a good time. But, once again we have learned the hard way not to tell the girls about exciting plans. They just get too excited that don't sleep.
We are going to the Aquarium tomorrow to celebrate D.R.'s birthday, and although we have told them about it, we aren't going to say another word. I can't handle another day like today. I'm too old for this!

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The Sugden Family said...

The museum and the aquarium look like they were fun!! Happy Birthday to your hubby, so nice that he's so family oriented!