Friday, February 6, 2009

Tia and the Tooth Fairy

Tia had her very first appointment with the dentist this morning. I was originally supposed to take her with me so she could watch me get my teeth cleaned, and then she would go the following week.
Well, I got a call yesterday from a local dentist who does free dental visits once a year for children. They call it "Give a Child a Smile Day". They had 2 cancellations and wondered if I would like to bring Tia in. Well, YEAH! Free is good. I didn't have much time to prepare her so was a bit concerned that she would be scared or uncooperative.
Nope, not a chance! This kid is a pro through and through. She hopped up in that chair like she lived there. Look at her all decked out for the occasion.

When the hygienist gave her sunglasses to wear during the cleaning, she said "I look like a movie star". She did great. She didn't fuss one bit, and did everything the hygienist said. She has great teeth, and no cavities. Hooray for faithfully brushing twice a day!

After the dentist came in and gave a thumbs up, and a big high five, it was on to the prize room.

The "Tooth Fairy" was on sight to have pictures taken with all the children. She gave out goody bags with lots of new brushes, tooth paste, floss, and stickers. She even made sure Giuliana got everything that Tia got. They wanted it to be a positive experience all around.

There was a clown there doing balloon animals and face painting but Tia wanted no part of that. Funny, she wasn't afraid of the dentist, but was afraid of the clown!
Thinking we were done, we started to head out, but the receptionist came out with big basket of prizes to choose from. They each got to pick 2 things.
We left there with 2 bags of 'stuff', no tears, and no bill!
That's my kind of dental visit.

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The Sugden Family said...

Wow! What a fantastic experience! :)
Good Job Tia!!!