Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Day

Today Tia played in the snow for the first time in her whole life! Last year she wouldn't play in the snow because she couldn't stand the way it crunched under her feet. I had to carry her to and from the car or she would cry!
This year has been totally different. She has been wanting to make a snowman and a snow angel for months. The problem is that this year we have had such frigid temperatures, I just couldn't let her.
Well, today was our day. It was about 34 degrees out, and she was ready.

First, a little walking around in it to get used to the idea.

Then, we dug our bird feeder out of the snow and left a treat for our little friends.

We weren't out there for very long. Just long enough for her to be happy about making a snow angel, and to ask for a cup of hot chocolate once we got back inside. She learned that from watching Curious George.
Oh, to be a kid again!

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The Sugden Family said...

Awe! It warms the heart!! :) Lucky birds!!
We are also huge 'Monkey George' as my kids call Curious George, and Jack Johnson fans!! :)