Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Parents get into Trouble

I was on the phone with Tia's prospective pre-school the other day, making an appointment to go tour the place. I was also cutting an apple for the kids, while talking on the phone. Just like most moms, I'm a big multi-tasker. While I was trying to talk to the woman about the school, of course Tia started asking me questions. They never need anything when I'm not on the phone, isn't that how it goes? Anyway, I put my hand up to indicate to her to stop talking while I was on the phone. I still had the knife in my hand from cutting the apple. She said to me, as loud as can be, "Mommy, don't put that knife in my face!". Great, the pre-school teacher now probably thinks I threaten my kids with a knife!

We were all at the library over the weekend. D.R. was trying desperately to put Gia's coat on, she was in no way cooperating. She finally threw herself on the floor as D.R. tried to catch her with one hand. Tia yells, in the middle of a quiet library, "Daddy, you pushed her down!".

This reminded me of when our friend Dena was a little girl. She's a mom herself now, but when she was little, she was having a tantrum in the store. Her mom picked her up and carried her out, with Dena screaming the whole way "Somebody help me, this is NOT my mother!". Looking back, I think it's pretty sad that nobody intervened, even though the little stinker was lying and just trying to get attention. But what if she was being kidnapped? Nobody seemed to care.

I can see how parents could get into trouble for doing nothing wrong! Thankfully most people who have kids understand that these things happen, since they've likely been through it themselves.

I know I'll look back at these things and laugh like crazy.

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The Sugden Family said...

Oh my gosh, i was laughing out loud so hard Austin wanted to know what the joke was! Too funny, but I can only imagine how horrible it feels to be embarrassed like that publicly! My boys haven't done it to me yet, but it's just a matter of time!
My sister did that very same thing to my mom, 'you're not my mommy' and no one paid attention then either!
Kind of alarming that no one would do anything either way!? We've been working on stranger danger with Austin and we're just teaching him to yell KIDNAPPER!! Maybe if he yells kidnapper people will be more alarmed!? Scary...