Thursday, January 1, 2009

Something to make you laugh

Yesterday D.R. and Tia were looking at pictures from our trip to Seattle last year. He said to her "Tia, that's when we all went to Seattle, do you remember that?". And she said "Who's Attle?".

Today D.R. went upstairs for something. As soon as Giuliana realized he was gone, she started running around the house calling out "Honey, are you? Honey!". That's all I ever call him so she must think that's his name!

Tia was doing something she shouldn't, and D.R. caught her. He simply told her not to do it but she took particular offense to it. She turned to him and said "Why are you Daddying me?!".

That's all for today. Tomorrow is another day!

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The Sugden Family said...

Very cute!! I'm glad you're documenting all these adorable kid-isms so you can make her laugh with them someday too! :)