Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I had to take Giuliana to the doctor today because she has a really yucky, itchy rash on her belly. When we arrived, I checked in as normal, and then the less than pleasant receptionist informed me that we had to wait in the "sick area" because of the rash. I just sort of looked at her because there wasn't one person in the "well" area, so there was no risk of us 'infecting' anyone with the rash that was totally covered up by her clothes!
So, me being me, I just had to ask. "So, I have to go in that area with all the sick kids and expose my healthy kids to things like bronchitis, ear infections, and so on?". Of course she didn't budge and said they have to protect the infants who come into the building. I guess I could totally understand that if there was in fact an infant, or any child for that matter, in the waiting room!
Needless to say, I chose to wait in the vestibule with the girls instead of exposing them to unnecessary illness.

When the nurse called us back, she wanted to weigh Gia, who didn't want any part of it. She started screaming in fear. Big sister Tia kept saying "It be OK Ju Ju, it be OK". She was so brave and tried to be so comforting.
When the doctor came into the room, Gia started screaming even more than before. Tia sat quietly in the guest chair next to me while the doctor examined Gia's rash. She really put up a good fight, not wanting the doctor to touch her. At the end of it all, I looked over at Tia and she had a little tear streaming down her face, and was trying to wipe it away before anyone noticed. I didn't draw any attention to her but later asked her if she cried at the doctors office because Gia was crying. She said "Yeah Mommy, but just a real little bit".

I can't get over what a sweet sister she is. She has a genuine caring and love for her baby sister. It's touching that she was that affected by Gia's pain. I thanked her for being such a good big sister and told her I was proud of her. I hope they always stay this way.

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The Sugden Family said...

I'm just catching up on your blog, I've been MIA for a while! I feel like I know your girls and you, through your blog... so strange that we've never actually met! :)
Tia is very special... what an angel! That is how I feel about my oldest too! I don't love him more, just very differently. What sweet little old souls!