Friday, January 23, 2009

Gloves Galore, and more!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm really into clearance shopping. I am always on the look out for a good bargain. Every once in a while I am so proud of my findings, I just have to share with all you blog readers.
Here's what I found...

I think I got enough gloves/mittens for both girls for the next 3 years.
The gloves were $1 each, the hats were $1.50.

I couldn't resist this silly T-shirt for Gia, at a mere .24 cents. Do I care that it says "Thanksgiving 2008"? Nope, I don't care if she rolls around in the mud in it for that price. I got one for myself too, but it was a whopping .75 cents. Maybe we'll roll around together.

I even got a couple pants for myself, including these that Tia wanted to model for me. She told me they were just a little too big right now.
I paid $1.98 for this pair, and $1.24 for a khaki pair.
The most expensive thing on my receipt was a pair of gloves I bought for myself that cost $1.99. I figure I'm worth it!

I have a clearance rack smile on my face tonight.


The Sugden Family said...

WOW! Very well done! I wanted to make it out to Old Navy for their clearance, but I just couldn't get my lazy pregnant, tired butt up!!
Now I'm kicking myself!!! They're probably all picked over now!?

Amy Jo said...

Oh my! Those are some great finds. I love clearance shopping, but I hate going out with my unpredicatable kids, so it doesn't happen much. Good job!