Thursday, January 29, 2009

Does she even know how funny she is?

Tia likes to get into pajamas for her naps. Quite often I just let her stay in those pajamas for the rest of the day. The other evening I announced that dinner was almost ready. Tia yelled "Daddy, get me out!". He said "Get you out of what?". She said "Get me out of my jammies, it's almost dinner time and I'm not dressed!".
She's such a lady.

There's a great new show on called "Sid the Science Kid". Tia likes when Sid sings his signature song. It goes like this...I love my Mom, my Mom is cool, but now it's time for having fun at school. It's catchy. While on our way to Kmart, to see if we could find some good clearance items, I hear Tia in the back seat singing "I love my Mom, my Mom is cool, but now it's time for having fun at Kmart".
This kid is a riot.

While at Target today (another clearance adventure) I got the kids a donut and let them split it. Of course Gia had the glaze from hers all over her face. Tia asked me for a wet wipe to clean her hands. Next thing I know Gia fussing and saying "No, no". I look over to see Tia trying to use the wet wipe to clean her sister's face. I explained to Tia that her sister didn't seem to like having her face wiped, and she should leave her alone. Tia's response to me was "But Mom, she's a mess, I have to clean her up!". She stopped for a little while and then a few minutes later was at it again and I could hear her mumbling under hear breath, "You're such a mess Ju Ju, I really need to clean you up. Look at this face".
She is a mother at heart.

I'm sure she has no idea how funny she really is. She cracks me up every day.

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The Sugden Family said...

OMG!! This post had me cracking up!!! She's such a doll, I really do need to meet this child!! So glad you're coming over Wednesday! :)
She reminds me so much of Austin, my oldest... he also loves Sid the Science kid, and has sung that song in the back seat before, too funny!

Jack will hit Austin when Austin is too mushy and affectionate, and Austin will say,... "they're just little love taps Mom, it doesn't hurt!' He doesn't like it when I scold Jack for hitting. Too sweet!