Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's Coming!

Just about the only good thing about being away from our family around the holidays is that we can make Christmas any day we want. Our kids are still too young to read a calendar, so in our house, today is Christmas Eve. We're driving home to Rochester on Saturday so we have to find time to do presents here before we leave. Tomorrow morning is that day.
We have made the cookies for Santa (minus the ones Tia and I already ate). We have reindeer food ready to go out in the front yard tonight. We want to make sure Rudolph doesn't miss our house!
I even convinced the girls that we should really clean up the play room. I told them that if Santa came in our house and saw all those toys, and a big mess, he might not want to leave us any new toys. They both worked diligently to clean up so that wouldn't happen.
What surprised me most was Tia's willingness to give some toys away. There were a couple of 'baby' toys that they really don't play with anymore. I explained that there are some kids out there who don't have any toys and we should think about giving some away. She picked a rattle, stuffed animal, and a book. Not a huge dent in our inventory but I was proud nonetheless considering she is only 3. That's a pretty heavy concept for her to grasp. I think this will be our new holiday tradition. They'll both be old enough to understand next year.

Once the play room was clean and there was lots of floor space, they decided to dance. I just happened to get some video of this joyous event. It's a pretty big file so if it takes a few seconds to load, be patient.

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The Sugden Family said...

What a great video!! How do you post a video on here!?

You know, I never thought about kids really wouldn't know the difference what day it was if it were Christmas or not!? I may have to steal your idea and do it a day or so early...we were thinking about going to MI. for Christmas eve and day...but didn't want the kids to miss out on their xmas morning've got me thinking now! Thanks for the idea! :)