Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas morning in our house

Santa came to our house last night. Our whole family went to bed early, and stayed there, because we knew Santa was watching. Sure enough, this morning there were presents under our tree!
Tia woke up first. D.R. told her she could come down and look at the presents, but no opening until her sister was awake. The look on her face when she saw the presents was priceless. It was like all this talk of the big guy watching and leaving presents finally came true!
When Gia started to stir, Tia screamed "I want to go get her!".
She couldn't wait to show her baby sister what happened while they slept.
They had a great morning but I think they got a little overwhelmed with everything. I started out thinking we didn't get them enough, but they really didn't know what to play with first. They got plenty.

Here are a couple pictures of the big hits.

This was supposed to be Gia's baby doll.

This was Tia's baby doll.
She was less than enthusiastic about it
because it didn't come with a carrier, like Gia's.
They swapped, and everyone's happy now!

Gia loves the play food. They got a kitchen last year but never had the food to go with it.
They spent the whole morning 'cooking' sandwiches and hot dogs for Mom and Dad.

Our little musician is super happy about her pink electric guitar.
Watch out Uncle Reggie, you have some up and coming competition!

It's been wonderful experiencing Christmas through the eyes of our children. So much fun!

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