Monday, December 29, 2008

Post holiday shopping

I took the girls to JC Penney today to look for shoes for Gia. She has a pretty wide foot and was in desperate need of something a little more comfortable than her current sneakers.
Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I had to run by the Christmas clearance. I absolutely love the after Christmas sales. "75% off" is my kind of sign.

I found these adorable plates there. I noticed their original price was $11.99. I would love to meet the person who actually paid $11.99 for a plastic plate, and give them a good shake and a firm talking to! You've got to be kidding me. They're cute, but not that cute.
After all the discounts I paid $1.49 each. I let Gia pick one too. She liked Winnie the Pooh.

They were both so happy with their new plates, they could care less about the stacks and stacks of toys all around them.

The only problem is that Tia thinks there should be something in every reservoir. She's a very concrete thinker. There are 5 spaces for food, so there must be 5 foods in the spaces.
This might not seem like such a big deal except for the fact that she's a vegetarian! I went with it, and got creative (notice the dry cereal, used merely to fill the space).
I told the girls we were having 'fancy lunch', and made it sound REALLY exciting. Gia kept saying "oooooh" and Tia said "I like fancy lunch". She is such a girl!

So, $1.49 helped, if even for just one day, to get them to eat a well balanced, healthy meal. That's my kind of bargain!

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