Friday, December 5, 2008

The old lady inside the 3 year old

This morning as I was explaining once again to Tia that I will be going to NY to see MeMa, and that she would be staying home with Daddy this time, she rubbed my arm and said "Mama, you will be so sad, it's OK, you'll be alright".

While I was packing my carry-on, she noticed I had a stash of M&M's in there. She asked if she could have some. I told her they were for Gia on the airplane and that I would give her some other M&M's later. When Gia came into the room, Tia pointed to the candy and said "Look Ju Ju, you have M&M's, case you get cranky". I never told her it was for that purpose but she sure does catch on quickly!

Then, as I am telling Tia that her sister is going with me this time, and she can go next time, she says, with the most serious look on her face "You have to carry Ju Ju in the airport so she doesn't get hurt or lost". She turned to Gia and said "Ju Ju, you going on a big airplane with Mommy today, don't be cranky, no cryin', OK?".

I swear this girl is an old woman on the inside. She is always worried about the well being of others and has not mentioned a thing about her own feelings of wanting to come along, or missing me. What a great old soul she is. An angel in disguise.

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The Sugden Family said...

I can really relate! I think our 3 year olds were made from the same mold or something!? AJ is the same way!! So patient, thoughtful and wise beyond his years! I could tell the moment he was born, he was a wise old soul! What a true blessing these little angel's are! We should get them together to play sometime!