Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some serious conversations

Today Tia must have been in deep thought because all 3 of the following conversations happened today. Remember, she isn't quite 3 years old yet.

Conversation #1

Mom, I want to do something to make my Grandmuver feel better.

Really, who's your Grandmother?
Oh, what would you like to do to make her feel better?
I think I could send her something.
What should you send her?
Um, some cookies, a couple oranges, and a nice cold drink.

Conversation #2:

I tell Tia I am going to the doctor (chiropractor) and will be back soon.
When I returned, this is how it went.

How are you feeling?
I'm fine, how are you?
Well, you went hospital, you OK?
I went to the doctor and I am just fine.
Doctor check out your tummy?
No, just my back and neck.
Get a shot?
Nope, no shot today.
Get a lollypop?
No, my doctor doesn't have lollypops.
A sticker?
Nope, no sticker either.
My doctor gives lollypops. I don't want a shot Mommy. Ju Ju go first.
You want Gia to get her shot first when you go to the doctor?
Yes, she go first.
Will she cry?
Yes, she go first. I don't want a shot.

Conversation #3

I watched baseball with Daddy when you left.
Oh good, did you like it?
Yes, I want to go there.
To watch baseball?
Yes. I want to wear a beautiful dress there.
A dress to the baseball game?
Yes, I need a beautiful green dress to wear there.

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