Thursday, October 2, 2008

More bargains

I am so proud of my bargain hunting abilities, I just have to share again.

Here is Tia wearing a beautiful Gap Kids corduroy dress that I got from a garage sale for $1. Her leather shoes (honestly, real leather) I bought on clearance last spring for $3.50. I just cut the tags off this morning.
I got so many comments today on how adorable she looked. Can't beat the price!

To round out the day in true thrifty fashion, I broke out these pajamas.

You can't really tell from the picture but they are thermal which is great because Tia's room is the coldest room in the house and I worry about her all winter long.
I just dug them out of her dresser, still in the package. I bought them at end of season last year at Target for, get this....$1.98! Needless to say I bought 4 pair (2 for each girl).

I think I am a bargain addict! I was at Target again this afternoon and found a package of 7 pairs of girls socks for less than $2.
I must be stopped!

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