Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One of those days...

when we should have stayed home! The day is not even half over and I am already counting the hours to bed time. Here's how it has gone so far.

Tia woke up at 4am. screaming. Nightmare. Drink of water and tucked back in.
Gia woke up at 5am.. Diaper change, back to bed.
I figure I am up at this point so I should just get up and exercise. I do 30 minutes on the elliptical and am able to shower without any disruptions. This is a rare occasion. I feel good about my accomplishment.
The kids both sleep in. Normally that would be a great thing but today is Gia's first day of "Tot Rock" music class. We have to be out of the house by 8:45 to make it on time. Once they are awake I rush them through breakfast, getting dressed, hair brushed, coats on...it's a lot of work.
We arrive just in time to check Tia into the day care and run down the hall to the music class. There's no one there and no lights on. I stop at the front desk to inquire where the class is meeting. Now here's the highlight of my morning. The receptionist says...
"That class was yesterday".

I am privately thinking "you've got to be freaking kiddin' me! But I keep my mouth shut and go back to pick up Tia who is thoroughly confused.
Now I figure lets just go get some things I need for dinner tonight and then the Parent-Tot Center will be open so the kids can just play and have a great time. We get our groceries, and then in the parking lot I step in a pot hole that nearly swallowed my entire foot. Yep, the one I sprained once before. What on earth could happen next!?

We go to play group. The kids have a blast. I notice that Tia and an older boy are pushing the merry go round while running alongside it, not on the horses. I go over and stop them and tell Tia she has to ride ON the horse, and not next to it because I am afraid she will fall and hurt herself. She obeys, gets on the horse, then the other child takes off pushing the merry go round at the speed of light, and can you guess what happened next? You got it, Tia fell off, bending her thumb backwards! I don't know if she was in excruciating pain or just terrified, or both. She screamed like I never heard her before.
I should mention that the boys mother was sitting right there not saying a word about her sons behavior, even after Tia fell. Lovely.
Tia at that point wanted to go home. Fine with me. I give them sandwiches in the car. Once home I realize Gia has more sandwich on her coat than in her tummy. Note to self, jelly was not the best choice.
Ahhh, both kids are in their rooms. Gia is napping. Tia however is talking to herself.
If there was ever a day that I needed her to nap, it's today!

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