Monday, October 27, 2008

Another great bargain

Tia's room gets super cold in the winter. We have tried to get her to use 2 blankets, but for some reason she really doesn't want to, no matter how cold it is in her room.
D.R. and I figured maybe she would do better with a comforter. I had been looking and really was not excited about spending $30 on a comforter for a toddler bed!
I happened to be in K Mart the other day so I ran through to check out the bedding. They had some Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty blankets for $27. I was not thrilled with that price. On my way out of the bedding department I ran across an entire toddler bed set which includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow case, and comforter. There was only one left, and it was Little Mermaid. Tia likes Ariel but I hesitated because it wasn't pink (she wants a pink room). Then I looked at the price.
It was originally $35.50, marked down to $27.00, final mark down price...

When I brought it home Tia freaked out. She immediately wanted to make her bed and hop in. She didn't care one bit that it isn't pink. She told me this morning that her new bed set helped her sleep better.
This is my kind of deal!

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