Monday, October 13, 2008

Funny talk

I was telling D.R. that I have to remember to call JC Penney to make an appointment to get the kids pictures taken. Tia yelled "No, I don't like her!". I asked, you don't like who? And her response was "Jenny Penny".

On the way home from dinner last night D.R. was trying to have a serious conversation with Tia about the importance of holding hands in the parking lot, and how dangerous it is, and she could get hurt, etc. Her response was "OK Dad, relax, just relax!".

Today Tia decided to try to play with her new learning laptop. The female computer voice asked her "how many triangles do you see?". She answered a few questions, put the game down, and came back to it later. The voice again asked her "how many triangles do you see?". Apparently frustrated that she had to answer the same question again, her answer was "Ugh, just one lady!".

How can you not crack up at that?!