Sunday, October 12, 2008

3 years ago today...

our first little angel was born. She was a week over due, and not willing to budge! She arrived via emergency C-section and has been a constant source of joy ever since.
We are so amazed at how far she has come in 3 years. She knows things that a 3 year old should not comprehend. Wise beyond her years, you might say.

Here is a re-cap of her big day. Remember we already had her party a couple weeks ago so today was just family day.

Still with puffy eyes, not fully awake, she opens her presents from Mom and Dad.
First, the Sleeping Beauty Movie.
She likes to call it
"Sleeping Tia".

And a learning lap top which her sister is more interested in than she is.
Maybe after she watches the movie 20 times, she will like the lap top.

After presents and one viewing of the movie, she had pancakes for breakfast. They are her favorite breakfast food by far.

After a walk to the park and naps, we went to dinner for sushi. Yup, this 3 year old asked for sushi for dinner! D.R. and I were more than happy to acomodate this request.
The owner of the restaurant sent over a huge piece of cake and some ice cream which she had no trouble finishing.

I wanted some pictures of all of us today but unfortunately Gia was not willing to participate. She is definitely strong willed and there is no way we can make her do something once she has her mind set. So, here are the pictures we got with the birthday girl.

We're pretty sure she enjoyed her day. In essence she has been celebrating for a month now. She's probably confused about when her birthday actually is but that's OK. She's special and deserves all the celebrations she can get.

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